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About Me

Hi, my name is Gord and I'm a self-taught photographer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I love spending time outdoors and travelling, and that's really how my passion for photography began.   Wherever I went, be it a hike in the nearby mountains or exploring a foreign country, I found myself wanting to capture the beauty, emotion and memories that surrounded me.

I still take landscape photos and my camera is with me everywhere I travel but I also love taking photos of people, events, wildlife, structures or abstract things.

I hope you enjoy my photographs and if you have any inquiries, are interested in hiring me or just want to chat about photography please contact me using the link above.

Here are some photographers and photography sites I like to follow:

Thom Hogan - the best reviews of Nikon gear

Nikonians - worldwide community of Nikon users

Kelly Funk - commercial photographer

Dave Black - sports photographer

The Giving Lens - travel photography with purpose

KelbyOne - useful photography instruction

Derek Heisler - portrait and commercial photographer

Makeup Artists (MUA) I use:

Jan Wagner - MUA extraordinaire

Johnston Canyon Hike. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski
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